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Venice Jewish Ghetto Food Tour

Quick Details

Adults 18+
Youths Ages 9 -17
Infants Ages 8 & Under

Venetian Culture and Food Traditions

Jump in to one of Venice’s most charming and historic areas in this Jewish ghetto food tour! This unique ghetto is rich in culture and food traditions and has been featured in the movie ‘Merchant of Venice’ with veteran actor Al Pacino.

In this tour, we will visit more or less 6 authentic restaurants and delis and chances to devour the lovely, rich-tasting Italian ice cream. We will also cover the Cannaregio which is rich in canals with cute bridges, spectacularly ancient churches and much, much more.

Next, we will take a pit stop at an old coffee roaster which is unique as Venice was the first city in Italy to drink coffee imported from the far east! On we go through the delightfully pretty looking streets and squares of Old Ghetto (Gheto Vecio). You will be accompanied by our local informative, fun and easy on the eye guide who will tell you the old history of the place and some other mind-boggling facts and curiosities! Now for the Jewish part and perhaps the most interesting part of this tour, we will see the Rabbi’s house along with the historic synagogues of Venice. Of course, as we embark on the Jewish tour we cannot miss out on the traditional Jewish-Venetian dishes such as the tasty sensation of the Sarde al Saor and Artichokes Bottoms which is served with vibrant local wine. Between the pit stops for good food and wine, we will stroll along a romantic promenade called ‘fondamenta’.

Now onto what is the most famous and the oldest bridge (out of more than 400!) in Venice, we will eat where residents eat and not forgetting the local gondoliers; you will get your taste buds on the tasty, tongue-tingling risotto and loads of other gorgeous pasta that you will not find anywhere else!

Everyone likes biscuits and cakes so we will visit an old typical bakery where you can get your hands on Zaeti, the buranelli, and other specialties. During the relaxing tour, you will take in breathtaking views of Venice by night what with its churches, alleyways and canals sparkling like the exquisite authentic prosecco wine you will be devouring.

If you’re hungry to learn more and love art, culture, historic information, food and wine then this tour is not to be missed; come with an empty stomach though as you’ll need room for all the Venetian food! Bring your camera as we want you to take home fantastic memories of what will be an unforgettable experience!