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Rialto Farmers Market Food Tour

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Adults 13+
Youths Ages 7 - 12
Infants Ages 6 & Under

Food Tour of Venice, Italy

Italy is known for its strong culture of food and with Venice being the jewel in the country’s eye, this food tour of Venice is sure to be an experience you’ll remember forever.

During the four-hour tour through wine bars and ostarias serving artisanal food and canals that will make you hungry for more, prepare yourself for the ultimate stroll through the exquisite streets that make Venice a truly amazing place; and with an experienced local expert guide leading the way, a marvellous experience in Venice awaits you!

Our journey starts from Campo San Giacomo a Rialto, a unique and characteristic charming square, that has remained unchanged since the middle ages and has been the trade center of the city for centuries. Here your taste buds will be tingling just looking at all the fresh produce on show, you will learn about where this produce has been sourced from.

The colourful stands of the fresh daily market will grab attention of all your senses allowing your guide to describe to you all the types of food sold in the region including fruit, vegetables and meat. If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds then the oldest operating fish market in Europe will be a sight not to miss! While there’s so much Venice has to offer, the best things often involve food. The guided food tour will show you the best dishes, plates of juicy olives from the nearby beautiful Lake Garda, cow cheese from the highlands of Asiago, soft and succulent polenta chuncks served with marinated seafood; tasty cuttlefish, stockfish and much more awaits!

To compliment the food, you’ll be served some of the most famous wines of the area and it is this area surrounding Venice that is the largest producer of wine in Italy! Of course you’ll explore the narrow picturesque alleyways, hidden canal gems, ancient bars and shops. Not forgetting the famous Rialto Bridge, Campo San Bartolomeo, Marco Polo’s house and a luxurious stroll along the Unique Grand Canal.

The tour combines rich food, fine wine and the exquisite sights of Venice. The tasty food will leave you wanting more, stopping in at least 6 different restaurants to devour it all from the traditional pasta, washed down by classic prosecco and topped off with a dessert that was born in Venice, Tiramisu!

This memorable gourmet promenade ends in Campo San Giovanni e Paolo which is one of Venice’s most popular squares. A massive church that housed the funerary celebrations of the city leaders, the Doges.